First blog post

This is a new world to me

Blogging ! A new way of communicating

That is what speech and language therapy is all about – enjoying effective communication to meet all our needs.  Imagine what life would be like if your communication was impaired. Imagine if you found it hard to get your words out, such as for those who stammer, or have problems with your voice and find it physically difficult to talk. Or perhaps one could have a problem with the brain and find it hard to find the words or understand what people say.  Others need machines to help them communicate.  Think of Stephen Hawkins.  His muscles for speech don’t work due to ALS, so he uses a device to express what he thinks.  Speech and language therapists work with children and adults to help them engage with the world by supporting their speech, language, voice and communication. Welcome to my website and blog.  I provide therapy for voice, speech and language.  Please look at the voice and communication clinic for more information and enjoy my blogs.

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